Fox Digital Studio Set to Premiere 'How to Be a Man'

Fox Digital Studios
"How to Be a Man"

The Gavin McInnes comedy debuts Saturday, March 15, on Netflix.

Fox Digital Studio is premiering its made-for-digital feature film How to Be a Man on Saturday.

The comedy will be available to subscribers on Netflix. It can also be purchased on Amazon Instant Video or Xbox.

How to Be a Man stars comedian Gavin McInnes as Mark, a man who has just learned he has cancer. McInnes, the co-founder of Vice magazine, is known for his controversial humor. His YouTube video How to Fight a Baby has amassed more than 12 million views since it debuted on Nov. 25.

“It’s fun to be able to tell your friends to just go check it out rather than drive to Austin [for SXSW],” McInnes tells THR of the film’s digital release instead of a film festival debut. “That’s what I want, really. I just want to be able to tell my friends to check it out.”

How to Be a Man is the second feature film from Fox Digital Studio that was made for a digital platform, following 2013 comedy Shotgun Wedding. The studio has produced a number of web series since its creation in 2009 including Vin Diesel’s The Ropes and Wolfpack of Reseda.

Fox Digital Studio senior vp David Worthen Brooks says the studio’s goal is to find new talent and give them a platform to build an audience.

“We are focused on discovering and nurturing distinct and original voices,” he says. “Our goal is to source new material and new talent to provide an entry route into the studio ecosystem.”

With How to Be a Man, Brooks was first drawn to McInnes’ comedy style.

“He engages and captivates the audience both on the screen and off the screen in Q&As,” he says. “It really makes me feel like he has this huge potential to be a much larger comedy presence than he currently is.”

The studio is now looking to develop McInnes’ character into a half-hour television series that could air on cable or through an online distributor, adds Brooks. 

The next film from Fox Digital Studio is ETXR, a science-fiction film set in the world of electronic dance music that will premiere March 30.

Says Brooks of the project, “It just struck a cord. It is a contained and focused science-fiction adventure that also appeals to us because of its potential to turn into episodic content.”