Fox exec warns 3-D backers to grab checkbooks


College football's Bowl Championship Series game will be broadcast in 3-D to the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show and select 3-D-ready theaters, David Hill, chairman and CEO of Fox Sports Television Group, said Tuesday at the 3-D Entertainment Summit.

He is enthusiastic about the format but made it clear that if 3-D TV is to move forward, stakeholders should be prepared to take out their checkbooks.

"You are not going to see 3-D — if I have my way — on broadcast television until the manufacturers of the sets that are making money are subsidizing us with every piece of equipment that we have to buy," Hill said. "The HD transition was dreadful. It cost us a fortune to work in HD: to re-equip our studios, to re-equip our cameras, to re-equip our trucks. And do we get an extra cent from the advertisers? No. If the 3-D industry thinks they are going to get the same ride, they are wrong."

During the presentation, Hill showed a Fox Sports test reel of 3-D professional football, basketball, boxing and NASCAR. (partialdiff)