Fox eyes celebrity prank TV project


Fox's latest reality project has everyday singles bringing celebrity fiancees to meet their parents -- except it's all a prank.

In the show "My Parents Are Gonna Love You," participants will tell their folks about a wonderful new significant other who turns out to be a famous face -- and utterly obnoxious.

Each episode of the project, which is near a deal for a pilot pickup at the network, plays like a stand-alone version of Fox's 2004 series "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee."

"Parents" is based on a Banijay Entertainment format, with Fox looking to add a competition element: The longer the "couple" can pull off the ruse, the more money they win for the parents.

"It's big, noisy, fun and harmless," said Jean Michel Michenaud, co-CEO of producers Angel City Factory, who executive produces the series with Chris Cowan.

Michenaud and Cowan have produced "Joe Millionaire," "Temptation Island" and "Obnoxious Fiance" for Fox.
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