Fox gets Sarah Palin interview exclusive

Sit-down first following the election

NEW YORK -- Fox News Channel secured the first and exclusive interview with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin since Tuesday's election, which will be aired Monday night.

"On the Record" anchor Greta van Susteren, who interviewed Palin twice during the campaign, is flying up to Alaska on Saturday. When or where the interview will occur has yet to be announced. Van Susteren will host the show Monday night from Alaska before flying back to New York.

It would be an extremely important "get" for van Susteren, who also interviewed Palin's husband Todd during the campaign. Palin has been one of the most sought-after interviews and has reportedly attracted the attention of Barbara Walters, Larry King, Oprah Winfrey among others.

The Associated Press reported that the governor's staff had received many calls from the networks about interviews but that Palin, who arrived back in Alaska on Wednesday, hadn't been at the office yet.

"The intensity of all the interest is amazing," spokesman Bill McAllister told the Associated Press. "Everyone wants to talk to her."

It's also likely that Palin is sifting through offers from Hollywood as well. Despite her disastrous interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric and mixed reviews for the highly-rated "Saturday Night Live" appearance, The Hollywood Reporter noted two weeks ago that Palin would likely be sought after in Hollywood. That's if she would ever leave the governor's office either before or after her term ends in 2010.

It wouldn't be her first interview since the McCain/Palin ticket lost Tuesday night, however. She spoke to reporters on Wednesday morning in Arizona, where McCain campaign headquarters was, before she returned to Alaska.

Palin's reputation is also suffering from the revelations two days ago from unnamed McCain campaign advisers that she apparently didn't know that Africa was a continent and couldn't name the three countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Later Friday, NBC announced that Palin's former running mate, Sen. John McCain, would make his first television appearance following the election on Tuesdays "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Unlike Palin, McCain has done no interviews since his loss to Barack Obama.