Fox wants more of Gordon Ramsay

Network orders another season of 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Good news for Gordon Ramsay fans: Fox has ordered another season of the internationally known chef's reality series "Kitchen Nightmares."

Ramsay will continue giving tough love makeovers to restaurants in need next season as part of a renewal agreement with Granada America, Optomen and A. Smith & Co.

The network also is expected to shortly announce that Ramsay's other series, "Hell's Kitchen," will return for a new season this summer. "Kitchen" recently shot back-to-back sixth and seventh seasons. Rather than continuing to parcel out the show one season per year, Fox will take the unprecedented step of airing two seasons back to back.

Combined with the new order of "Nightmares," there's a good chance fresh episodes of Ramsay's reality fare will continue airing regularly on the network through the end of next year.

"Kitchen" is currently airing on Thursday night and holding up well under the pressure of the most competitive time period on television.