Fox Home Entertainment Launches 'Digital HD' With 'Prometheus'

The move puts Fox's movies in the tablet, smartphone and interconnected device market.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s digital initiative dubbed Digital HD launches today, with the notable plan to release movies three weeks earlier than on the Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD formats.

Prometheus, Fox’s sci-fi tentpole directed by Ridley Scott, is the first new release under the plan, which puts the studio in the digital sphere and is geared for the tablet, smartphone, interconnected device market.

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Prometheus will be available for under $15, less than the cost of a Blu-ray and DVD, and is the company’s first UltraViolet-enabled title.

Over 600 Fox films will be made available in HD through online retailers including CinemaNow, iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, PlayStation, and Xbox.

While the focus is to take advantage of the hundreds of millions of devices around the world millions of people accessing entertainment on those devices, we feel the medium’s time has come,” said Fox Home Entertainment’s Mike Dunn), the initiative is also another salvo in the fight against piracy and aims to buttress the flagging home entertainment market.