Fox International Backs Australian Comedy From Marion Pilowsky

Marion Pilowksy - Publicity - H 2017

Producer Pilowsky will be making her directorial debut with 'The Call Back.'

Fox International Productions and 20th Century Fox Australia are backing a new feature comedy, The Call Back, from producer turned writer-director Marion Pilowsky.

Pilowsky, who has had a lengthy career in the U.K. and Australia as a producer on such titles as Kenneth Branagh's Sleuth and My Last Five Girlfriends, has returned home to South Australia to make her directorial debut. She will also co-produce alongside Sue Murray and David Willing through Corner Table Productions.

The Call Back taps into the madness inflicted upon us when visitors overstay their welcome. Based on an original idea, it was written by Pilowsky and Lee A. Sellars.

It centers on Ronnie, a struggling restaurateur mired in debt and the fallout from her previous short-lived romance with British movie star Henry. She's now living with the good-hearted and loyal Jeff, but her world is turned upside down when Henry returns to Australia with his French lover Sophie in tow. Any possibility of fun quickly disappears into a fog of paranoia and truly appalling behavior.

"This is a film about finding your true home, love, sex, food and bloody good Shiraz, as well as being my own personal ode to Australia,” Pilowsky said.

Screen Australia provided production financing for The Call Back and distribution support under its Gender Matters program, which funds female-led projects and filmmaking teams, while the South Australian Film Corp. provided development and production financing for the comedy.

The Call Back will be shot later in 2017 on location in South Australian wine country. It will be distributed locally via 20th Century Fox Film Australia.