Fox making news in a Flash


NEW YORK -- Fox News Channel is adding to its multiplatform strategy with two daily video products called Fox News Flash.

The Flash is a 60-second newscast, one in the morning done by "Fox & Friends" and another in the afternoon by "The Fox Report With Shepard Smith." It's available on, MySpace and iTunes as well as to Cingular and Amp'd customers with video capability.

The Flash is just that: A fast-paced newscast much like "The Fox Report" that offers the news of the day and offbeat stories.

Fox News vp digital media Jeremy Steinberg said the goal is to drive awareness of the Fox News Channel as well as attracting a younger audience and meeting the news needs of MySpace users.

He said Fox News is experimenting with new forms of content and new forms of distribution.

"The idea is to produce for the medium, like we did for the channel (when it started)," Steinberg said. "The goal online is to do the same thing because, as we know, the expectations of consumers are completely different online versus on-air."

The teams that produce the programs on the air are the same that will produce the Fox News Flashes, with "Fox & Friends" doing its edition at 6:30 a.m. ET, which will be available by 7:30 a.m. ET. Shepard Smith has been doing his Fox News Flash in between commercials breaks for the already-fast-paced "Studio B With Shepard Smith" during the 3 p.m. hour, with the segments going online an hour later.

Steinberg said that other newscasts will be doing their own "Fox News Flash" editions every day in the future. The goal was to make sure that it was starting small in terms of brief news bites, different from what else is being done digitally. They might work their way up toward a five-minute newscast, but those plans are not set.

"What we wanted to do was to start with what we thought would work best in the space," Steinberg said. "We thought that what would work best was short, short, short. Then we would expand."

Video ads also will be a part of the Fox News Flash on the and iPod versions, though it will run ad-free on MySpace.