Fox Moving to Full Digital Projection in Hong Kong

Distribution of film prints will end on Jan. 1, 2012.

HONG KONG -- Twentieth Century Fox International bids farewell to 35mm film prints in Hong Kong and Macau, as it announced the end of 35mm print distribution in the regions’ theaters.

The era of analog 35mm film prints comes to an end for Fox in Hong Kong and Macau on Jan. 1, 2012. After that time all Fox feature film content in theatrical release in the territories will be provided exclusively through DCI-compliant digital media formats. From now through the end of this year, Fox will distribute its Hong Kong and Macau slates in both 35mm print and DCI-compliant digital formats.

Fox international senior vp and Asia-Pacific regional managing director Sunder Kimatrai believes that the analog era will also phase out in the coming two years in the Asia-Pacific region. “We anticipate that by the end of 2011, exhibitors in Hong Kong and Macau will have converted more than 95% of their cinema screens to DCI-compliant digital cinema projection technology,” said Kimatrai. “The entire Asia-Pacific region has been rapidly deploying digital cinema systems and over the next two years we expect to be announcing additional markets where supply of 35mm will be phased out.”