Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Calls Guest's Attack on Judicial Analyst "Repugnant"

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Alex Kroke

"Attacking our colleague, who's here to offer legal assessments, on our air is repugnant," Smith said Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called out a comment made by a guest on Tucker Carlson's primetime show the previous night.

On Tuesday afternoon, Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said that President Donald Trump committed a crime when he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the actions of Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, attorney Joe diGenova responded to the commentary by calling Napolitano "a fool."

Smith took aim at diGenova on his show Wednesday, noting that the comment was made by a "partisan" guest on an "opinion show." He said the comment went "unchallenged" by Carlson.

"Attacking our colleague who's here to offer legal assessments on our air is repugnant," Smith said.

Smith asked Napolitano on Wednesday whether he stands by his assessment that the president committed a crime, to which he said he did. "I recognize that a lot of lawyers may disagree with that," Napolitano added.

Also on Tuesday night, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani shouted down Fox News guest Chris Hahn, calling him an "idiot" and a "moron" and telling him to "shut up." The former New York City mayor was not benched for his language, appearing again on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning. (A network spokesperson did not respond when asked about the appropriateness of Giuliani's comments.)

On his show, Smith analyzed a document released Wednesday morning that purports to be a transcript of a conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president in July. "The transcript clearly shows that the president asked a foreign leader, the Ukrainian president, to do him a favor," he said.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, analyzing the president's predicament and an impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats, said, "We're at the start of the beginning of this whole thing."