Former Fox News Booker Goes Public With Roger Ailes Harassment Claims: "He's a Predator"

Roger Ailes and Laurie Luhn Split-H 2016
Wesley Mann/FOX News via Getty Images; Paul Morigi/WireImage

Laurie Luhn told New York Magazine that she had endured "psychological torture" from being sexually harassed by the former Fox News chief for over 20 years.

Former Fox News booker Laurie Luhn has come forth with her own sexual harassment claims against resigned Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Luhn on Friday opened up to New York Magazine about her experience working under Ailes as an event planner for the network, claiming that she had endured harassment for over 20 years, but chose not to say anything at the time because she believed Ailes could help advance her career.

"It was psychological torture," she told the magazine, adding, "He’s a predator."

Luhn claims that she was asked to "lure" young female employees into meeting with Ailes alone, a situation she knew could eventually result in sexual harassment.

She revealed that during one of her first meetings with the former Fox News chief in 1990, "He leans over and slips me the tongue and kisses me and hands me a wad of cash," New York Magazine details. "'Here's to help you pay some bills,' he said. It was maybe $200 or $300."

After Ailes helped secure Luhn a research job under him, she says he began demanding sexual favors regularly. She recalled Ailes inviting her up to his hotel room, persuading her to dance in front of him and asking her to perform oral sex after.

"Tell me you will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. At any time, at any place when I call. No matter where I call you, no matter where you are. Do you understand? You will follow orders," Luhn said Ailes commanded. "If I tell you to put on your uniform, what are you gonna do, Laurie? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, LAURIE?"

She says he then whispered, "What are you, Laurie? Are you Roger's whore? Are you Roger's spy? Come over here."

Though Luhn secured a new job as a legal aide at firm Patton Boggs years later, she didn't refuse when Ailes offered her a position under him at Fox News in 1996. 

"I was programmed," she said. "Sometimes the Stockholm syndrome with Roger slips back, and I am still a little girl trying to impress Daddy Roger."

The former Fox News booker told the publication she still suffers anxiety from her past encounters with Ailes and met with a psychiatrist for a period of time due to stress. 

In the midst of several other women who have worked with Ailes coming forth with sexual assault allegations, Luhn claims Fox News offered her millions to keep her quiet.

"I am reporting sexual harassment," she told New York Magazine. "Whether I am a crazy person or not, I am reporting sexual harassment."

Gretchen Carlson, who filed a lawsuit against Ailes, which led to his resignation at Fox News, tweeted in support of Luhn on Friday.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Ailes' lead lawyer Susan Estrich said: "Roger denied these allegations in 2011 and he denies them now. He wishes Ms. Luhn well. Based on her statements, it is disturbing that she is the subject of one reporter’s journalistic exploitation."

July 29, 5:04 p.m.: Updated with statement from Ailes' lead lawyer.