Fox News Calls Out Other Cable News Outlets for Not Airing Trump Rally

Trump Rally June 20_2018 - Getty - H 2018
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Both CNN and MSNBC did not air Trump's speech, while Fox News ran onscreen text addressing that fact.

Hours after signing an executive order that will stop the practice of separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents, President Donald Trump held a rally in Duluth, Minn. on Wednesday evening.

Of the three major cable news networks, Fox News was the only outlet to air the president's speech, which the network addressed in onscreen text during Trump's talk. "Trump rally live & only on Fox News," the chyron read, with text underneath continuing, "Other networks ignore presidential rally."

A representative from Fox News declined to comment on the chyron when asked by The Hollywood Reporter.

Both MSNBC and CNN live-streamed Trump's rally on their websites. Talk of the immigration crisis dominated both networks for the majority of Wednesday.

A request for comment from CNN was not immediately returned, while MSNBC did not comment on the subject beyond noting their live stream of the event.

During his speech in Duluth, Trump addressed the executive order and the controversy surrounding the issue that is currently dominating the conversation in Washington and beyond. "Today, I signed an executive order. We're going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been," the president told the crowd.

Trump went on to criticize Democratic leadership on the issue, saying, "The Democrats want open borders, let everybody pour in ... let them pour in from the Middle East, we don't care."