Former Fox News Execs to Launch Digital Outlet: "We're Not Breitbart Lite"

Screengrab; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Ken LaCorte; John Moody

Ken LaCorte and John Moody, longtime allies of Roger Ailes, plan to launch LaCorte News in the summer.

A couple of Roger Ailes loyalists are starting their own digital news-media company and staffing it with former — and maybe a few current — Fox News Channel employees.

Ken LaCorte, the former vp of Fox News Digital, says he will launch LaCorte News early this summer, with audio, video and podcasts alongside written reports.

LaCorte wouldn't name his investors, though John Moody is an equity holder and will serve as editor-in-chief.

Moody was an executive vp of Fox News who was involved in several controversies, such as in 2007 when he apologized after others at the network falsely accused President Barack Obama of having attended a radical madrassa school in his childhood, and when he allegedly cirulated memos to staffers encouraging them to favor a conservative point of view.

Most notably, in February he wrote a widely criticized editorial chastising the U.S. Olympic Committee for bragging about how diverse the 2018 team was. In the article, he suggested the committee might like to change its slogan to: "Darker, Gayer, Different."

Fox News pulled the column, issued a statement that it did not reflect its "views" or "values," and Moody retired within a few weeks.

Moody refused to discuss the controversies he found himself in during his years at Fox News, but he makes no apology for staying loyal to Ailes, the Fox News chairman and CEO who was ousted after allegations of sexual misconduct.

"I knew nothing about that part of his life," Moody said. "I knew him as a genius and I thank him and Rupert Murdoch for taking a chance on me."

LaCorte also continues to stand by Ailes, who died a year ago. "He was like a second father to me," he said.

"The new regime at Fox News has purged employees, and LaCorte News will be drawing from that well. Some are still at Fox, but they're hoping to leave," he said.

LaCorte said he hasn't approached the most famous of those purged, Bill O'Reilly, as his intention is to focus on news rather than opinion.

"Outlets today are pressing too hard for clickbait and playing to their partisan audiences," he said. "We'll filter out crazy bias. We're not Breitbart Lite, but it's safe to say our journalists fit better at Fox News than they do at MSNBC."

Moody said LaCorte News will "let the audience inside the process," though he wouldn't say exactly how. "We'll make a big splash about it. You'll be the first to know," he said.

LaCorte says his outlet will be more non-partisan than some may think, but, depending on how conservative it leans, it's entering a suddenly crowded space that includes Newsmax,, Breitbart, Daily Caller (founded by Tucker Carlson) and Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire. And, of course, the behemoth that is Fox News, which includes a website that garners 90 million unique visitors each month, according to comScore.