Fox News Gives Conservative Radio Personality Mark Levin Weekly Show

Mark Levin headshot - P

Levin's new show will air Sunday nights and will replace a re-air of 'Fox News Sunday.'

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, who in a 2013 profile was called "the most powerful conservative you've never heard of," is getting his own weekly show on Fox News, starting in February.

The show, Life, Liberty & Levin, will air at 10 p.m. on the East Coast and will replace a re-airing of Fox News Sunday. The news was first reported on Twitter by conservative media personality Matt Drudge.

Levin's show "will explore the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society, culture, politics, and current events, and their relevance to the nation’s future and everyday lives of citizens," according to a release.

In a prepared statement, president of programming Suzanne Scott credited Levin's success in talk radio and his "passion for the principles found in the Constitution."

During the week, the network's 10 p.m. hour is filled by another conservative radio star, Laura Ingraham. Sean Hannity, who precedes Ingraham in the primetime lineup, is also an extremely popular radio host.

In addition to his radio show, Levin has a show called LevinTV on the conservative digital video publication CRTV.