Fox News Hires Sebastian Gorka as Contributor

Sebastian Gorka - Getty - H 2017
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He is the first former Trump administration official to join Fox News.

Sebastian Gorka, who lasted until late August as a national security advisor in Donald Trump's White House, has joined Fox News Channel as a contributor. Gorka will serve as a national security strategist for Fox News and Fox Business Network, he confirmed Wednesday to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gorka, in an email, said that Fox News is "one of the few bastions fighting back against the #FAKENEWSindustrialComplex."

While Gorka, a former Breitbart News editor, served in the Trump administration, he distinguished himself most as a defender of the president on cable news. He regularly appeared on Fox News during his government tenure, and those appearances have continued since he left the administration.

Gorka is the first ex-Trump administration official to join the network. While he seemed a natural fit to join Fox News upon leaving the White House, his hiring did not materialize as quickly as some expected.

Sean Hannity, the network's 9 p.m. host, is a strong backer of Gorka and broke the news of his hiring on his afternoon radio show. "You're a true patriot hero and an amazing, amazing political analyst and strategic analyst," Hannity said. "Thank you for being with us, and we're so happy for your success."

On Twitter, Gorka called his hiring an "incredible present" on the one-year anniversary of Trump's election.