Fox News Takes Jabs at CNN, MSNBC in Holiday Card (Photo)

The No. 1 cable network also takes aim at the Big Three networks while bragging about its top-rated status.

Fox News is gloating about its status as the No. 1 cable news network in its 2011 holiday card.

The card, sent out to journalists, features a cartoon fox leading a sheep-sled race. The other drivers bear the logos of ABC, CBS and NBC.

Two other cartoon characters, with the MSNBC and CNN logos on their hats, are seen peeking out from a behind a hill in the distance.

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In other words, Fox News is so far out in front that its cable rivals are but a blip in the distance and the Big Three networks are now its main competition.

According to Yahoo's Cutline blog, the inside of the card features lyrics intended to be sung to the tune of "Joy to the World":

Joy to the world for Fox News Channel

Consistently number one

We are the network viewers choose

Fair and balanced news

See our ratings we don't lose

Beating the rest in TV news

Fox Business Network also took aim at rival CNBC in its holiday card this year, with two cartoon foxes roasting the a peacock -- NBC's logo -- over an open flame.

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As Cutline points out, it's not the first time Fox News has used its holiday card to take jabs at its rivals. Last year's effort featured lyrics set to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" that included:

Some of the other networks
Tried to beat us with silly games
As FNC continued to dominate
Their attempts all went down in flames

While Fox News still ranks as the most-watched cable news network, the channel did post losses in 2011, down 9 percent for the year with an average of 2.2 million viewers. It also was down 15 percent among news’ target demographic of 25-54-year-olds (averaging 522,000).

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC both saw gains this year. In primetime, CNN is up 29 percent in the demo and 16 percent among total viewers compared to 2010, while MSNBC is up 4 percent in total viewers and essentially flat (up 2 percent) in the demo.