Fox News Host Accuses Contributor of Ukraine Wrongdoing: "You're Covering Up The Corruption"

Steve Hilton and Marie Harf- Getty - Split - H 2019
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"Are you kidding me?" Fox News contributor Marie Harf asked host Steve Hilton incredulously after he accused her of covering up corruption.

In an unusually rancorous clash between two colleagues on Monday, Fox News host Steve Hilton accused Fox News contributor Marie Harf of abetting "corruption" by former Secretary of State John Kerry while she served as his spokesperson.

Hilton, during an appearance on Outnumbered, said that Ukraine should investigate "John Kerry's corruption." "He was secretary of state at the time," he said. "He was also involved in channeling money to Ukraine. His former chief of staff was hired by Burisma soon after Hunter Biden went on the board. ... All of that needs to be investigated."

Harf, who served as a spokesperson for Kerry's State Department during the second Barack Obama administration, pushed back strongly.

"There's no evidence for anything you just said," Harf countered. "I worked at the State Department then."

"So you're covering up the corruption, too," Hilton responded. "You're defending it. These are facts."

Harf, who recently returned to Fox News after working on a presidential campaign, was astounded. "Are you kidding me?" she responded. "Steve, I'm on this couch with you, talking about the news. Please don't accuse me of covering something up."

Hilton did not relent. "You are, because there's saying no evidence," he said. "I've just given you the evidence."

"I was there, and there's no evidence," Harf responded.

Host Harris Faulkner then cut to a live feed of House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff talking on Capitol Hill.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Fox News for comment on the clash.