Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Says She's Worried About Getting Fired

Jeanine Pirro The View - Screengrab - H 2018

The Saturday night host — and Trump pal — also admitted that she was suspended earlier this year.

Call it a "hot mic" or just a stroke of extreme candor, but Fox News host Jeanine Pirro used an appearance on Sebastian Gorka's radio show on Tuesday to share fears about her status at the network.

During a break on Gorka's Salem Radio Network show, Pirro confirmed that she was suspended by Fox News in March. The three-week suspension followed comments she made about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on her March 9 show.

"You know what, they suspended me," Pirro told Gorka, a former Fox News contributor. "And I'm not going to get fired. You know I'm worried that that suspension was the basis to tee up for anything I do wrong, they'll fire me."

It's not clear whether Pirro knew that her comments were being broadcast, though Gorka had told her, "Hey Jeanine, we're still live, the mics are live on YouTube."

Pirro also admitted that her employer has restricted her media appearances. In July 2018, she was scheduled to appear on former Fox host Bill O'Reilly's radio show, but skipped the appearance once it was publicized on social media.

"You know Fox reviews everything. They're unbelievable," said Pirro. "They're still saying you cannot do Bill O'Reilly, you cannot do Newsmax."

When Gorka asked Pirro to appear on his show to promote her new book, she said of Fox, "I'll see if they'll let me." ("You've got a window, because you've got a new book," he responded. "You should have a carve out, right?")

Fox News has not yet responded to a request for comment about Pirro's remarks. Gorka also has not responded when asked if Pirro was unaware that she was being broadcast.

The network's treatment of Pirro is complicated by her longtime friendship with President Donald Trump, who chided the network for benching her. "Bring back @JudgeJeanine Pirro," he wrote on Twitter in the middle of her then-unconfirmed suspension.