Fox News Leaders Tout Network's "Meteoric Rise," "Surpassed 'Expectations"

Suzanne Scott-Jay Wallace-Publicity-Split-H 2019
Courtesy of Fox News; Alex Kroke

"Over just the past year, we’ve seen all the brands under the Fox News Media umbrella thrive and surpass expectations," the network's C.E.O. and president wrote Monday.

Amid broader questions about the network's role in defending the beleaguered Trump administration at night and in the morning, Fox News Channel C.E.O. Suzanne Scott and president Jay Wallace issued a congratulatory memo on Monday morning to celebrate the channel's 23rd birthday.

"As you know, Jay and I were here when the lights were turned on 23 years ago and we are beyond proud of the success we’ve been able to achieve under the leadership of Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, and the incredible team of employees here," the two executives wrote. " ... The success of Fox News Channel has always been our ability to adapt and innovate, all the while staying true to Rupert’s vision of a 24-hour news network like no other."

Scott and Wallace continued: "Over just the past year, we’ve seen all the brands under the Fox News Media umbrella thrive and surpass expectations. Fox News Channel is going on its fourth year as the leading network in all of cable, not just cable news, with many of our programs now surpassing their broadcast network counterparts while continuing to be the most talked about network in America."

Without providing metrics or numbers, the executives said of the Fox Nation streaming service, "Our superfans continue to subscribe to the streaming service that is now a must-watch destination for some of our most compelling long-form programming."

The executives also announced the launch of a marketing campaign for the network's 2020 election coverage. "Our election coverage is one of our greatest strengths — we continue to hold the record for the highest-rated presidential primary debate and our town halls this year have far outranked the competition in both ratings and reviews," Scott and Wallace wrote. "As all eyes are on 2020, we are confident America will be watching, listening, streaming and engaging all of the Fox News Media platforms."

To celebrate the anniversary, and "as a token of our appreciation," Fox News Media employees will get free Pinkberry frozen yogurt this afternoon.