Fox News Slammed By Occupy Wall Street Protester in Unaired Interview (Video)

UPDATED: Jesse LaGreca fired off digs at News Corp., Glenn Beck and the conservative leaning network as a whole in a Q&A with a producer.

Occupy Wall Street has failed to receive a significant amount of coverage from Fox News throughout the duration of the ongoing protest, save for a few belittling segments featuring pranks and skillfully edited interviews.

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One interview, filmed for Greta van Susteren's show, failed to make it to air after a quick-witted protester – Jesse LaGreca, according to the New York Observer – exchanged barbs with a Fox News producer.

“This is what we should have been talking about after 2008 when the economy collapsed. We basically patched a hole on the tire and said ‘We’ll let the car keep rolling,’” LaGreca said of the movement.

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“It’s fun to talk to the propaganda machine in the media, especially a conservative leaning network such as yourself, because we find that we can’t get conversations on the department of justice’s ongoing investigation of News Corporation, of which you are an employee,” he zinged. “But we can certainly ask questions like, you know, ‘why are the poor engaging in class warfare?’ Now, after 30 years of having our living standards decreased while the wealthiest 1% have had it better than ever, I think it’s time for… some participation in our democracy that isn’t funded by news cameras and gentlemen such as yourself.”

The producer countered by pointing out that he was offering a vehicle to share the protestors’ message, while reminding LaGreca that his voice could not be heard without the media. Ironically, that message never made it to air.

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LaGreca had plenty of sharp retorts up his sleeve throughout the interview. Watch the unaired footage in the video above, courtesy of’s media team.

The hacking group Anonymous is expected to target the news organization’s website on Saturday, Nov. 5. In response to the network’s coverage of the Occupy movement, Anonymous announced “Operation Fox Hunt” in October, in which they promised to shut down and “engage in a propaganda campaign of our own, to show them how it feels to be chastised.”

“Fox is now the target of Anonymous because of their continued propaganda against the Occupations,” the threat stated. “They use words such as filthy, disgusting and dirty to describe the protesters. Since they will not stop belittling the occupiers, we will simply shut them down.”