Fox News Sets Election Coverage Plans With 3D White House, 14-Foot Video Chandelier

Fox News
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Fox News' studio set in New York.

'Special Report' anchor Bret Baier and 'The Story' anchor Martha MacCallum will lead its coverage from Studio F on the ground floor of the channel's Manhattan headquarters.

Fox News Channel will once again have Special Report anchor Bret Baier and The Story anchor Martha MacCallum leading its 2020 presidential election coverage from Studio F on the ground floor of the channel's Manhattan headquarters.

Baier and MacCallum will be joined by a number of reporters and analysts during their coverage, which is set to kick off at 6 PM ET. Fox News Sunday moderator Chris Wallace, analyst Brit Hume, The Five co-hosts Dana Perino and Juan Williams and contributors Donna Brazile, Karl Rove and Katie Pavlich are all scheduled to appear.

They will be joined by anchor Bill Hemmer, who will once again be at the channel's touch wall, dubbed the "Bill-board," with Fox News anchor and chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream also joining coverage. The channel has John Roberts and Kristin Fisher covering the Trump campaign on election night from Washington, and Peter Doocy and Jacqui Heinrich covering the Biden campaign in Wilmington, Delaware.

Fox, like all the networks, has lined up an array of interactive visual components to help drive coverage. Fox will leverage tech from Fortnite creator Epic Games to produce real-time visual effects, including a 3D virtual White House on-set, with similar interactive graphic elements planned to highlight the balance of power and net gains by the parties. The popular vote and electoral vote counts will also be give the virtual treatment on set.

The channel's 14-foot video chandelier, which it debuted in 2016, will return, displaying video and graphics in tandem with a video floor located directly beneath it.