Fox News sets 'Glenn Beck' bow for Jan. 19

Talk host gets out of CNN deal earlier than expected

NEW YORK -- Glenn Beck's new Fox News Channel program will debut Jan. 19.

Beck was lured away from CNN Headline News earlier this year so Fox News could fill its 5 p.m. slot, which had been "America's Election Headquarters" for the past several months since John Gibson's show was canceled.

The original date of the "Glenn Beck" premiere on Fox News was supposed to be in February, but the channel said Monday that Beck was able to get out of his CNN deal earlier than expected. That meant Fox News was free to push up the start date.

Fox News said Beck's program will include guests and a look at the day's top political, entertainment and business headlines. It won't be a carbon copy of "Glenn Beck" when it was on CNN Headline News, though. Gresham Striegel of "Fox & Friends" will be the show's senior producer.

Fox News hopes, though, to have the same type of success Beck enjoyed on Headline News. His talk show at 7 and 9 p.m. Eastern gave that channel a 200% boost in viewership.
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