Fox News wants to ax iPhone app

Complains to Apple about unauthorized headline aggregator

Want to read all of the latest Fox News headlines on your mobile phone? There's an app for that -- except it's not actually owned or produced by Fox.

An independent company called RIV Creations has created a string of media applications for Apple's iPhone, including one called "Mobile News Pro: Fair & Balanced," which aggregates headlines from's mobile site -- and uses the network's logo and trademark.

The problem is that RIV doesn't have Fox News' permission to do any of this, which has raised the attention of officials at the network. Fox filed a formal complaint with Apple late last month to have the 99-cent application removed from the iTunes Store, which officials at the network have confirmed.

Apple thus far has moved slowly on addressing the complaint and has taken no action toward removing the application; it was available as of late Wednesday. RIV Creations has reached out to Fox directly in an effort to better cooperate, but the dispute remains unresolved.

Apple officials declined comment.

Fox is not the only media company to have its content featured in an application created by RIV, whose site features the slogan, "Our company is dedicated to making quality iPhone and iTouch applications." Among the company's applications are a New York Times Mobile News Reader, a CNET Mobile News Reader and similar apps for BBC and Drudge Report.

The company also produces nonmedia applications promising such services including converting photos to black and white to an app that promises stress relief.
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