Fox orders 'Nancy' presentation

Partially scripted comedy based on a series of books

Ted L. Nancy's "Letters From a Nut" books are heading into another TV reincarnation.

Fox has given a cast-contingent presentation order to "Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy," a partially scripted comedy based on the series of books that feature introductions by Jerry Seinfeld.

Nancy's identity has never been revealed, but the speculation has been that Seinfeld and/or his friend, comedian-writer Barry Marder, might be the real authors of the tomes, which include Ted's ridiculous customer service letters to real companies and the companies' equally absurd but real responses.

"Sincerely," from Lionsgate TV, centers on a regular guy who, after suffering through too many faulty products and customer service mishaps, decides to take on the corporations by writing letters that "seek to avenge the consumer frustrations of people everywhere."

Armed with the written responses from the companies he targets, Ted goes on missions filmed in a "Borat"-like mockumentary style, featuring him doing outrageous stunts involving regular people.

In addition to Marder, Chuck Martin, Gary Auberbach and Rob Lee also are said to be involved in the project.

"Letters" was first developed seven years ago at ABC as a half-hour alternative comedy.

A year ago, in partnership with Lionsgate, the auspices set up the project at Fox as an unscripted comedy.