Fox orders 'Panic Attack' reality pilot

Project features contestants facing their greatest fears

Fox has ordered a reality pilot about conquering one's fears.

In "Panic Attack," contestants face their greatest fears -- heights, snakes, tight spaces -- with the help of a pair of therapists.

The project is from frequent Fox collaborator A. Smith & Co., which also produces "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares."

"Panic" will be hosted by Nik and Eva Speakman, married psychotherapists and motivational speakers who host the U.K. series "A Life Coach Less Ordinary." Each week, five people who suffer from the same phobia will be brought together to work through conquering their fears.

The series is produced by Arthur Smith and Kent Weed.

"Panic" is the latest in a series of reality projects in the works that mark a return to the intense, adrenalin-based ideas in vogue during the genre's formative years. Michael Bay is shopping an action-based series with Magical Elves, and Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are crafting "The Great Escape," an action-adventure reality pilot for TNT.

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