Fox passes on Mark Brazill pilot

Comedy is coming-of-age story in vein of 'That '70s Show'

The Mark Brazill comedy is not moving forward at Fox.

The network opted not to proceed with a production order for the multicamera project, which originally was picked up as a cast-contingent pilot.

The untitled comedy, formerly "The Rednecks & Romeos," is a coming-of-age ensemble in the vein of "That '70s Show," which Brazill co-created.

The semi-autobiographical project, written by Brazill on spec, hails from Warner Bros. TV and Tom Werner's studio-based Good Humor TV. Its casting fell within the new guidelines at Fox for making final decisions based on tests-on-tape, not the traditional in-person network auditions.

After a live studio test, finalists for key roles in the pilot were taped at WBTV for a network test. But after looking at the material, studio brass determined that, taped in front of a bluescreen, actors didn't pop the way they did during the in-person studio test. Additionally, as a multicamera comedy, the project hangs heavily on the chemistry among the leads and the energy in the room, which also was lost on tape.

As a result, upon WBTV's request, Fox agreed to a dual network test: an in-person audition and a more elaborate screen test done by the studio with the actors on the set.

In the end, after seeing actors and reviewing tapes, Fox decided not to proceed.

WBTV brass, however, are said to remain high on the project, which is expected to be shopped to other networks.