Fox picks up 'Sky Jockeys'

Animated comedy about airline workers from U.K. scribes

Fox has made a script commitment for a new animated project from reality production company RDF and UKTV.

"Sky Jockeys," about the comic adventures of airline employees, eventually could end up in Fox's Sunday night animated block. The project is written by U.K. scribes Anil Gupta ("The Office") and Richard Pinto ("Mutual Friends").

The news comes as UKTV network Dave announced a script development deal with RDF ("Wife Swap") for animated and live-action comedy series, with "Sky Jockeys" as one of the projects.

"In a global market that is increasingly close-knit, we're working with our partners at Dave to develop comedies that first and foremost work within the U.K. but which also have potential to sell and succeed in territories worldwide, including the U.S.," said Chris Coelen, CEO of RDF Media USA.

RDF Media will develop an animated series as well as a scripted sitcom with UKTV, which hopes to order at least one for broadcast in late 2010.
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