Fox Pulls 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad, 'Cleveland Show' Hurricane Episodes


Three-show animation event will be replaced by repeats in light of the deadly storm that killed hundreds in the South.

The much-hyped Animation Domination crossover event that was to see a hurricane sweep through Fox's Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show on Sunday has been pulled from the schedule in the wake of this week's deadly storms that have killed nearly 300 in the South.

A Fox spokeswoman confirmed that the crossover event will instead air next season and that the remainder of this season's episodes for the respective series will air as planned.

The crossover episodes were written about 18 months ago and had been on the schedule for a considerable amount of time. Fox made the decision after consulting with creator Seth MacFarlane and other writers on the three comedies, who all agreed to hold the episodes.

In a call with reporters earlier this week MacFarlane said the crossover concept, inspired by Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly's idea, was an "enormous challenge."

Repeats of the three MacFarlane shows will air in place of the crossover event instead. The missing episodes are not expected to impact any of the animated series' ongoing story lines.