Fox sells ad agency, starts new biz


NEW YORK -- Brian Fox, founder and CEO of B.D. Fox & Friends Inc. Advertising, said late Tuesday that he has sold his creative ad agency to senior management and is launching a new company dedicated to the marketing, distribution and production of independent film on a global basis.

The senior management of Santa Monica-based B.D. Fox & Friends has renamed the company Ocean Park Creative and will continue to provide motion picture, television and home entertainment creative services to the entertainment industry.

Fox's new company, B.D. Fox Independent, is based in Malibu. It has been retained by Moscow-based Monumental Films to "Americanize" the motion picture marketing of the Russian-produced films that are being distributed by Monumental in that country, Fox said.

"As many in the industry already know, I have long been a vocal champion of independent film," he said. "Fortunately, I am now at the point in my life where I am free to make choices and can devote myself to what I love most."

Fox said his new company will be "capable of handling all of the creative, publicity, media buying, Internet, promotional events and distribution services required to successfully launch any indie film into the marketplace.

"Additionally, our new company will explore the potential of putting together indie films with P&A funding, therefore allowing us the capability of giving producers an alternative to getting their films out there by utilizing our extensive menu of services and relationships," he said.