Fox Sports Cancels Show After Airing Segment Mocking Asian Students

"The College Experiment" will no longer air on the network, effective immediately.

Fox Sports has canceled the television show, The College Experiment, following a segment that mocked Asian college students, the Associated Press reports.

The segment, which was filmed on the University of Southern California campus, aired last week and Fox Sports spokesman said in a statement that the video was "offensive and inconsistent with the standards Fox Sports believes in and we sincerely regret that it appeared."

"We sincerely apologize to the Asian and Asian American communities, and to everyone else who found this video offensive, and again to the University of Southern California, which was the unfortunate setting for the video," the spokesman said.

The segment features a comedian talking to Asian USC students, asking them to formally welcome Colorado and Utah universities into the expanded Pac-12 conference. The comedian then mocked the students' accents and asked them to give "all-American" welcomes.

A newspaper in Boulder, Colo., The Daily Camera, reported on the controversial segment and the network subsequently apologized.

The video was removed once Fox Sports was made aware, with the spokesman saying that "there was a breakdown in our internal processes" and reassured that they were doing everything to ensure incidents like this are "not repeated in the future."

According to a University of Colorado professor, he told the Daily Camera that the comedian seemed to look for college students for whom English was not their primary language.