Fox TV division upgrades site


As the Hollywood studios gear up for the Los Angeles Screenings, Fox's international TV division is set to unveil today an expanded to replace its online marketing support for foreign broadcasters.

The new site combines all areas of client support — researching the Fox catalog, downloading marketing and publicity assets for a broadcaster's licensed titles and viewing product and promo video — in one site. Advanced search and user-preference features allow the broadcast client to customize the site to meet its needs.

"We've continually grown our use of the Internet and technology to provide immediate and comprehensive support for our clients," 20th Century Fox TV president Mark Kaner said. "With FoxFast, we've created what we call the 'one front door' — one comprehensive place that takes advantage of the latest technology and taps into all resources of the company to give our clients as much as we can."

The site will become Fox's portal to deliver digital broadcast files as the studio transitions from physical tape delivery to digital delivery for TV series and movies.

The L.A. Screenings run May 19-27. (partialdiff)
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