Fox and Warners Launch Joint Distribution Operation in Brazil

Patricia Kamitsuji will serve as managing director of Fox-Warner.

The international arms of Fox and Warner Bros. are creating a joint operation between their local companies in Brazil to distribute and market their respective film slates.

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, president, international iistribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus, co-presidents of Fox International, announced the new venture Tuesday.

Fox and Warner Bros. will remain separate legal entities in Brazil, but they will share their resources through the joint operation, called Fox-Warner, which will begin operations immediately. Patricia Kamitsuji, currently general manager of Fox Brazil, will serve as managing director of Fox-Warner.

“Warner Bros. Pictures is thrilled to be entering this new chapter at this exciting time in Brazil,” Kwan Vandenberg said. “We have enjoyed our successful partnership with Fox in various other countries and look forward to expanding upon it to further develop the business and meet the demands of the rapidly growing Brazilian market."

“Brazil’s strong economy and growing demand for quality entertainment offers us a fantastic opportunity to take the local entertainment industry to new heights,” Hanneman and Jegeus said in a statement. “Sharing our resources and talent with Warner Bros.’ organization is the best way to open up new possibilities and further develop the Brazilian market.”