Fox writer in limbo over early review


News Corp. has given's Roger Friedman a big thumbs-down after the longtime columnist published a review of an illegally downloaded copy of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," due to open May 1.

But the columnist's status appeared uncertain Sunday afternoon, even though reports surfaced during the weekend that he had been fired.

The trouble began Tuesday when an illicit copy of the film showed up online. Fox immediately condemned the theft and copying of an unfinished workprint of the film and enlisted the FBI and MPAA to track down the perpetrators.

Downloading a copy of the film himself, Friedman wrote a review that appeared Thursday in his Fox411 column.

The review was positive. "I doubt anyone else has seen this film," he wrote. "But everyone can relax. I am, in fact, amazed about how great 'Wolverine' turned out. It exceeds expectations at every turn."

But he also described how easy it is to download any film or TV show and joked he might catch up on other recent films via illegal downloads.

Fox — pointing out that Fox News is a separate business under the News Corp. banner — responded Friday, "This behavior is reprehensible, and we condemn this act categorically, whether the review is good or bad."

Parent News Corp. issued its own condemnation, saying, "Roger Friedman's views in no way reflect the views of News Corporation, and adding, once we learned of Roger Friedman's post, we asked Fox News to remove it, which they did immediately."

After word began to circulate late Saturday that Friedman had been removed as well, News Corp. amended its statement, adding that Fox News had "promptly terminated Mr. Friedman."

But had it? Contacted Sunday, Friedman would not comment except to say, "Reports of my death have been extremely exaggerated."

"This is an internal matter that we are not prepared to discuss at this time," a Fox News spokesperson said, leaving the entire matter in question. (partialdiff)
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