'Foxcatcher' Director Bennett Miller Lightens Up With Toilet Paper Ad Campaign

Getty Images

The ads focus on bathroom knickknacks that have seen some terrible things.

After earning an Oscar nomination for his work on the grim John E. du Pont biopic Foxcatcher, director Bennett Miller finds himself gravitating toward softer material. So soft, in fact, that it offers three silky layers of quilted comfort.

Miller has directed a series of commercials for Quilted Northern toilet paper.

But breathe easy, Channing Tatum fans. The new campaign, "Designed to Be Forgotten," features no actual actors oncamera. In each of the three spots, a male narrator introduces us to an inanimate object: a toy alligator, a rabbit figurine and a framed photo of "Great-grandpa Thaddeus." Each of them must bear silent witness to the unpleasant events unfolding on a nearby toilet.

The toilets' users, the announcer explains, can move along with their day, having tended to their business with a product "that works so well they completely forget their experience." But the bathroom knickknacks aren't so lucky: They are left behind to tend to their psychic scars. Oh, the things they've seen.

The wry campaign is the brainchild of the creative team at New York-based advertising agency Droga5. The ads will begin airing across a wide spectrum of U.S. media channels, including broadcast, cable and digital, sometime next week.

Miller, 48, is in good company, as a spate of award-winning commercials have been helmed in recent years by such A-list auteurs as David Fincher (Apple, Nike), Spike Jonze (IKEA, Levi's) and Wes Anderson (American Express, Stella Artois).

Reached by The Hollywood Reporter, Miller acknowledged directing the ads and added that they were fun.