'Foxcatcher' Producer Once Pitched Film to Brian Grazer — in a Bathroom

Jungle Fight Execs - H 2015
Courtesy of Michael Coleman

Jungle Fight Execs - H 2015

Michael Coleman says he approached the movie mogul at a boxing match outside a fighting arena in Brazil, to no avail

This story first appeared in the Jan. 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Executive producer Michael Coleman says he once pitched Foxcatcher to Brian Grazer in the bathroom of a Brazilian resort, where Grazer was on an all-guy vacation in 2003 with such top players as Paramount’s Brad GreyJim Wiatt and CBS’ Leslie Moonves

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Says Coleman, who was accompanying wrestler Mark Schultz (played by Channing Tatum) to a boxing match: "I pitched in a bathroom outside the fight arena and sent him my screenplay when I got back to the States. I never heard from him." Coleman partnered with Tom Hellerwho put the project in the hands of Bennett Miller in 2006, and the rest is history. No response yet from Grazer’s camp.