Fox's 'Deadpool' Wins Big at Key Art Awards

Deadpool - Photofest - H - 2016

Comedian, author and actress Amy Sedaris hosted the 45th Annual Clio Key Art Awards honoring the best entertainment marketing teams in the industry.

Prominent marketing teams behind films including The Shallows, Deadpool and The Accountant were honored Thursday night at the 45th Annual Clio Key Art Awards, in partnership with The Hollywood Reporter, held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Host Amy Sedaris joked that the venue “is rich with history. It is home of the Academy Awards, or so they say. I was here for the Sharknado Six premiere.”

For the second year, “Of the Year” winners were presented onstage, honoring the advertising agency, film studio, television network and game publisher that received the most overall Clio Key Art statue points for entries submitted across all medium types. 

Sedaris kept a light tone throughout the awards. “The hardest part of the evening is already over: navigating through Hollywood," she quipped. “As I look out to the audience of all you creatives, I only wonder what you were thinking when you look back at me. I believe it is, ‘Wow, Amy Sedaris is the most marketable person in America!’ You're not wrong. I am a woman of the people!”

The evening featured a montage of trailer clips from Deadpool, Suicide Squad and The Lego Movie, among other box-office hits. 20th Century Fox took home the Integrated Campaign award for Deadpool.

In praise of Deadpool, a long montage with star Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) featured a mock campaign by the action hero, trailers for the film, clips of the actor with Extra's Mario Lopez and a sham massage with Conan O'Brien and Betty White critiquing the picSedaris acknowledged the successful marketing: “I saw so many Deadpool posters and billboards that I honestly started to think we were doomed.”

The Fox team humbly thanked the audience, and Reynolds joked, "Marketing takes balls — that's why I encourage men to touch theirs … to celebrate, I'm touching myself tonight!"