Fox's James Murdoch: Family Sees "Eye-to-Eye" as He Becomes CEO

James Murdoch - H 2015
Courtesy of 21st Century Fox

James Murdoch - H 2015

In his first major public appearance since the company named him CEO as of July 1, he also describes his relationship with brother Lachlan as "very much a partnership."

James Murdoch, who will take on the CEO role at 21st Century Fox on July 1, said Thursday that all members of the family in top executive roles are in agreement on business issues.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions festival, James Murdoch also described his business relationship with brother Lachlan Murdoch, who will become co-executive chairman, as "very much a partnership," Reuters reported.

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"The family is obviously a big shareholder in the business, so we are all really invested in each others' success," Reuters quoted James Murdoch as saying. "We all see very eye-to-eye on the business."

The comments came in his first major appearance since Fox announced that he and his brother would be elevated. As part of the recently announced succession move, father Rupert Murdoch will focus on his chairman role as of July 1, but continue to closely work with his sons.

The Murdoch family is the biggest shareholder in the entertainment conglomerate.