Fox's Roger Ailes Wants to Hire Hillary Clinton: 'She'd Get Ratings'

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

He also opens up about reports that he recently called Sarah Palin "an idiot," reveals his thoughts on Glenn Beck and insults competitors.

Roger Ailes would like to hire Hillary Clinton as a Fox News contributor.

"She looks unhappy at the State Department," the Fox News chief tells Newsweek's Howard Kurtz. "She'd get ratings."

Ailes downplayed two recent profiles of him that appeared in New York and Rolling Stone magazines. In the former, he allegedly called Palin "an idiot," which he denies, telling Kurtz, "She's so smart she's got the press corps running up the whole East Coast behind her bus."

Ailes -- who once called NPR execs "Nazis" in an interview with Kurtz -- also opened up about Glenn Beck's decision to step down from the network.

"His goals were different from our goals… I need people focused on a daily television show," he said.

When asked to say something positive about Barack Obama, Ailes says, "He shot that SOB in the head that killed 3,000 Americans. That was his finest hour."

Rolling Stone alleged he has "built the most formidable propaganda machine ever seen outside of the Communist bloc." Ailes snaps back, accusing NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times of running "a liberal propaganda machine … If they did fair and balanced news, we'd be out of business."