Fran Lebowitz: "Everyone Has to Love" Hillary Clinton to Protect Us From Donald Trump

Fran Lebowitz — H 2016

"I'm never saying another bad thing about Hillary Clinton."

Fran Lebowitz was very clear about who she's supporting in the presidential election when talking with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. She is all about Hillary Clinton.

"I've never loved her more," said Lebowitz during an appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show. "Everyone has to love her now. She's the one that stands between us and Donald Trump as the president of the United States."

The author promised, "I'm never saying another bad thing about Hillary Clinton." She added, "No matter what you think of her — you may not love her — but the truth is she knows how to be president."

"It's a hard job. Not everyone can do it and certainly not Donald Trump," continued Lebowitz.

She said that in New York, the other real estate developers don't even take Trump seriously. "No one believed it, and now it is true," she said, repeating Trump's name incredulously.

"I usually see him as I'm walking past him on my way to talk to someone I actually want to talk to," said Lebowitz when Fallon asked about them crossing paths in New York.

Lebowitz was also humorously critical of people who say they want someone to be president who isn't a politician. "Did anyone ever call you and say, 'I have a horrible leak in my apartment. Do you know someone who's not a plumber?'"