France Cheers for 'The Artist' Golden Globe Wins

The Artist Cast and Crew Golden Globe Awards - H 2012
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Artist Cast and Crew Golden Globe Awards - H 2012

Jean Dujardin’s eyebrows raise eyebrows in Gaul as French press hails the film’s Golden Globes victory.

PARIS - After wowing the Hollywood Foreign Press on Sunday night with an ode to silent movies, The Artist made a lot of noise in its home country France on Monday.

Monday’s Le Monde newspaper’s headline read: “The American dream for The Artist" and French newspaper 20 Minutes celebrated the "triumph" of the film, making sure to highlight the four-legged star of the movie. "Who really stole the spotlight on the red carpet and on stage on Sundy night at the Golden Globes? The dog, Uggie. Unfortunately for him, there is no best animal category," the paper reported.

The Artist was the first French title in history to be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy and now the first to win the coveted title as well. Michel Hazanavicius' black-and-white feature added three Golden Globe awards to its palette including best comedy, best actor for the film’s star, Jean Dujardin and best musical score for composer Ludovic Bource.

"It’s completely crazy what is happening with this film. Especially here in Los Angeles. It’s amazing. I still don’t entirely believe it, " Dujardin told Le Figaro newspaper after the ceremony. He added : "We’re surrounded by David Fincher, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. They look at us kindly, but at the same time, it’s as if they’re saying to themselves ‘It’s not possible, this thing. What is this movie?’"

Dujardin plays a silent film star whose career is threatened by the arrival of the talkie era. On Sunday, however, Hollywood was all ears as Dujardin seduced the crowd and NBC viewers with his French accent and playful humor. “My eyebrows are independent,” he told the crowd. Dujardin’s eyebrows may just raise him to best actor at the upcoming Oscars with the film expected to nab several nominations on Jan 24.

While many audiences may not even realize The Artist is French since there is virtually no dialogue, the film’s nationality was clear on Sunday night at the ceremony. Ludovic Bource made sure to remind the crowd, quipping  "I’m sorry, I’m French" upon accepting his award for best musical score. "I'm French too," actor Dujardin told the crowd, although his thick Gallic accent made the comment superfluous.

France is rooting for The Artist for Oscar nominations come next  week. The nominations for the Cesar awards, France’s version of the Oscars, will be announced three days later where the film is also expected to pick up nominations in several categories after being named best film of the year at France’s Lumieres last Friday.