France Telecom to digitize Bibliotheque contents


PARIS -- France's's national library, La Bibliotheque Nationale de France, signed an agreement Thursday with French telecommunications operator France Telecom to digitize the library's content.

The deal will enable the French public to access the library's images and texts online free of charge, with over 200,000 works set to be available by the end of this year.

Once the library has been converted to digital format, the material will be available to Orange France Internet and mobile clients via the Web site and mobile portal "Orange World."

The National Library also plans to offer digital format video of such events as philosophic debates, conferences and virtual expositions held at the Paris-based cultural playground.

"By signing this partnership, la Bibliotheque Nationale de France and France Telecom serve, with determination, the cultural diversity of and wide access to the country's national heritage," France Telecom said in a statement.