France Telecom sees profits rise 3.7%

Gallic telco giant continues its stable growth

PARIS -- Telecommunications giant France Telecom continued its stable growth in profits with a 3.7% jump in first-quarter revenue to 13 billion euros ($20.1 billion), the group said Wednesday.

France Telecom's gross operating margin rose 4.6% to 4.8 billion euros ($7.43 billion) during the first quarter. The company, which boasted more than 172 million customers as of March 31, looks poised to meet its annual objective of 7.8 billion euros ($12.1 billion) in organic cash flow by the end of 2008.

"Revenues increased across all our business segments and geographic areas, driven particularly by a return to growth in the mature markets of Western Europe, including France," France Telecom chairman and CEO Didier Lombard said.