Frances Fisher Talks Giving Back, Bullying, Donald Trump: "He's the Worst Bully in the World"

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The actress got candid with her opinions on the GOP candidate during the MPTF's Deal With It women's conference.

During the "Making a Difference" panel at the Motion Picture & Television Fund's Deal With It conference, panelist Frances Fisher shared why and how she chooses to give, as well as addressed bullying, Donald Trump and her thoughts on the Pope and women's right to choose.

The Boo2Bullying ambassador (she's also a SAG-AFTRA national board member, an animal activist, executive board member for the Environmental Media Association, ambassador for the Natural Women's History Museum and a Survivor Mitzvah participant, among other roles in philanthropy and the industry) said, "I think it's important to educate children early on about non-violent resolution to conflict so that bullies are not grown and pushing around like Donald Trump and all that," she said.

She continued, "He's the worst bully in the world. Have you ever noticed what bullies do? They push and hurt other people and insult them, but then they can't take it themselves. It's interesting."

On making a difference, Fisher said, "You can lead something or you can be boots on the ground, and I do that a lot. I'm just boots on the ground."

"I see so many things that mean something to me. I want to be part of all of it," she said. "Everything feels like it affects me, so I want to be part of it."

When asked if famous people have a moral obligation to be agents, voices and representatives of change and causes, Fisher said, "I think every human being on the planet has a moral obligation to make the world better."

When she isn't working, the actress says she has "all this energy" that she now puts into volunteering. "I find myself overextended. I have a lot of things, because if they hit all at once, it gets a little overwhelming. So I'm learning to portion out my time more. Work and my family is a priority, but I do find the time, even if it's two o'clock in the morning, to send out the emails," said Fisher.

In regards to religion and Pope Francis, who visited the U.S. for one week in September, the actress said of the Catholic priest, "I love Pope Francis. I think he's a breath of fresh air to what's come before. His countenance is great. Yeah, he's not perfect, he's not any better or any worse than anybody else, but I like what he's been saying so far in the positive ways," she said, before sharing one issue she has with Catholic leaders. "The whole thing about abortion, too — don't get me started. Don't get me started."

Sharon Lawrence and Beth Grant also spoke alongside Fisher on the Sept. 27 panel held at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Artist Candy Chang and CBS Sunday Morning contributor Nancy Giles served as keynote speakers for the event.