France's M6 strong through 3 quarters


PARIS -- French commercial broadcaster M6 boasted a 6.5% jump in revenue for the first nine months of the year to €983 million ($1.4 billion), the group announced Wednesday evening.

Advertising revenue climbed 3.7% to €487 million ($715.4 million).

M6 saw a 9.4% growth from its digital networks and other activities, with the group's digital channels earning €69.3 million ($101.8 million) and other activities €422.9 million ($621.4 million).

Advertising revenue for both national terrestrial channel M6 and the group digital channels rose 6.4% over the past nine months, with a 5.6% growth during the third quarter.

The group's digital channels performed well, with a cumulated audience share of 13.8% in September.

M6 also was the only terrestrial network to record an improvement in its primetime ratings. M6 saw an average increase of 100,000 viewers per night to 3.5 million.

The jump can be attributed to the success of the network's U.S. series such as "Prison Break" and "NCIS." The network has been capitalizing on its U.S. series after not only paying big bucks to acquire hit Showtime series "Californication" earlier this fall, but also investing more and more in the dubbing process in order to make the third season of "Prison Break" available to viewers just after the end of the second season.

M6 also recently took a 9.06% stake in U.S. production company Summit Entertainment.