Magic Hour: Frank Ockenfels 3 Looks Back on Photography Career, Friendship With David Bowie

In THR’s first episode of 'Magic Hour,' the photographer, artist and director reveals his process of capturing artists, like Bowie, on camera.

The Hollywood Reporter’s new video series, Magic Hour, aims to pull back the curtain behind some of the industry’s most sought-after creators. Turning the spotlight on photographers, directors, writers, actors, musicians and stylists in their homes and workspaces, the series will explore the process that artists use to change the cultural and entertainment landscape. Episodes of Magic Hour will live on, Youtube and THR's social channels.

In the pilot episode, photographer, artist and director Frank Ockenfels 3 shared memories of a life spent working with light, aiming to innovate and telling endless stories through his photographs.

Of working with David Bowie in 1989, Ockenfels told THR at his studio, “I got the band over and I was like, ‘Can you all take your shirts off?’ And he was like, ‘What?’ 'Can you all take your shirts off?'” Ockenfels then told a detailed story of his close relationship with the late icon and his work as one of the most prolific photographers.

Said Ockenfels, 58, who grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and has worked with Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z, Kurt Cobain, Tom Hanks and George Clooney, “It would all start with a phone call. [Bowie] had to do a shoot for Rolling Stone and he was in the recording studio and he requested me and that kind of started the request line.”

Added Ockenfels, “David, he was tremendously giving as an artist to photograph because he would always at least try what you were talking about.”

Even after working with an array of A-listers, Ockenfels says, “I’m never satisfied.”

Magic Hour, "Frank Ockenfels"
Directed by Jennifer Laski
Featuring Frank W Ockenfels 3
Executive Producers: Jennifer Laski, Matthew Belloni
Producer: Victoria McKillop
Co-Producer: Stephanie Fischette
Director of Photography: Vince Patrick
Camera Operator: Erin Hughes
Editor: Victor Klaus