Frank Underwood Threatens Stephen Colbert's Life

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Kevin Spacey does not suffer fools

Stephen Colbert has found the cure for the serious case of "Underwood" he has for House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood.

On Wednesdays' Colbert Report, Kevin Spacey came out in character to talk shop with Colbert — and seemingly offer him friendship. The catch? He wants to meet Colbert at a subway station in D.C. (If you watch the show, you know what that means ... and it ain't good.)

On the Tonight Show, The Voice mentor Blake Shelton faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a game of Random Object Football Toss. In honor of the new NFL season, the two hurled a collection of bizarre objects, including a bowl of eight-layer bean dip. When you see what happens to the dip, you'll be glad you didn't have to clean it up.

In his opening monologue, Fallon referenced the recent leaked-photo scandal by playing a clip of a Fox News pundit telling viewers to simply not take revealing shots of themselves. "Don't take naked pictures of yourself," Fallon paraphrased. "Do what I do, and get them hand-drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio."