Frankel has 'Magyk' up sleeve

To develop and direct fantasy pic for Warners

Warner Bros. has brought in David Frankel to conjure some "Magyk."

The "Marley & Me" director has signed to develop and helm "Septimus Heap: Magyk," which the studio hopes could launch the next fantasy franchise.

The move comes as Warners releases the latest in its Harry Potter movies, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." With "Magyk," however, Warners is looking to make the adaptation animated.

Based on the popular seven-volume children's books by U.K. author Angie Sage, the series revolves around two babies who are switched at birth -- one a boy who discovers his birthright as the seventh son of a seventh son and is destined to become a powerful wizard, the other a girl who is fated to become a princess.

More than 1 million "Septimus Heap" books have been sold in the U.S. so far, and the series has been translated into 28 languages. Other titles include "Flyte," "Physik" and "Queste."

The studio picked up the rights in 2007 and last year set Rob Lieber ("Hoot," "Neopets") to adapt.

Courtenay Valenti is overseeing for Warners.

"Magyk" reteams Frankel with Karen Rosenfelt, who produced the director's 2006 hit "The Devil Wears Prada." It also marks Frankel's first foray beyond present-day drama and into big-budget animated fantasy.

Frankel is repped by WME and Industry Entertainment.