Frankenstein Coming to Life for Fox

Max Landis - Portrait - 2009
Levi Tenebaum

Max Landis set to pen script for Fox and producer John Davis.

Looking to mine known brands from Hollywood’s past, 20th Century Fox and producer John Davis have hired up-and- coming scribe Max Landis to pen a script based on the iconic Frankenstein tale.

Landis has close ties to the studio as does Davis who sold two spec scripts to Fox, including Chronicle, about three friends who gain superpowers from a mysterious substance and then find themselves in conflict.

Details of the Frankenstein project are being kept under wraps, but Landis is no stranger to ghouls. He worked with his father, John Landis, on the Masters of Horror television series.

Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 Frankenstein was the last time the famous monster graced the big screen. The film was a disappointment in the U.S., but did far better overseas.

Davis Entertainment is attached to produce the untitled pic, which Fox will distribute.

Landis is repped by WME and Circle of Confusion.