Fred Armisen and Jimmy Fallon Reminisce About 'It's a Wonderful Life' Sketch They Never Wrote for 'SNL'

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The former co-stars also built a band and sang a duet with a Timothee Chalamet puppet during Armisen's appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday.

Fred Armisen reminisced with Jimmy Fallon about their days on Saturday Night Live during Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

During the appearance, Fallon asked Armisen if he remembered when they used to do two impressions of Jimmy Stewart talking about music. "We were bored. It was 4 in the morning at SNL," said Fallon. Armisen added, "We would talk about records coming out. We would talk about bands and it was nonsense."

After the two shared their impressions of members of The Beatles, they spoke about an SNL sketch that they worked on that never made it to air. "We did a bit we never wrote, but we talked about writing it. It was a remake of It's A Wonderful Life where Jimmy Stewart jumps off the bridge and then Clarence brings him to that moment and he meets himself," said Fallon. "He's like, 'Don't do it. Don't jump off the bridge' and then a third Clarence and a third Jimmy Stewart comes in. He's like, 'What's going on?'"

While Armisen said that it wasn't too late for them to write the bit, Fallon shot down the idea.

The two also played a game called "Build a Band," in which they made up a band name and improvised a song.

Fallon explained that they would both say a random word at the same time, though Armisen said that he had to clear his mind before he chose his word. On the count of three, Armisen announced that his word was "lavender" and Fallon said "roller coaster." They both agreed that the band's name, which was Lavender Roller Coaster, was "pretty good."

They next chose the genre of the band based on its name. After they agreed that Lavender Roller Coaster had a psychedelic vibe from the '60s or '70s, Armisen said, "Let's get specific. 1969. Tail end of the '60s, going into the '70s a little bit," he said. "Free thinking. Things are changing fast."

Once they had the band name and genre pinned down, they started brainstorming ideas for a song. They both took a moment to clear their minds. While Armisen thought on his chair, Fallon did some squats. The host then counted to three before the two each said one random word to come up with the song's title, which ended up being "Daffodil Grass."

The Roots began to play background music while Armisen sang, "Daffodil grass/ Daffodil grass/ Growing around the garden." Fallon continued, "Daffodil grass/ Daffodil grass/ Growing inside the corner." The two then harmonized as they sang the word "disappear" multiple times.

Armisen and Fallon stood up to dance as they continued to improvise the song, which concluded with the lyrics, "Inside your mind."

Armisen also spoke about his latest project Los Espookys, which is a Spanish language sitcom on HBO that has a similar premise to Scooby-Doo. The actor admitted that there are three people that he always wants to impress with his work, which are Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey and Fallon. "That's not a joke," he said.

After Armisen explained the show with a Spanish accent, Fallon pulled out a puppet of Timothee Chalamet and used to puppet to ask the guest why he doesn't speak French. After Armisen said that he was trying to learn to speak French, Fallon as the Chalamet puppet suggested that the HBO show be in French instead of Spanish.

"Maybe, perhaps, I should learn to speak your language. To dance and to play and to be," said Armisen with a French accent as Fallon moved the puppet closer to his face.

The guest then began to sing to the puppet. "Life, life, life is for everyone/ Life, life, life is for everyone," they sang with French accents.

Fallon threw the puppet away at the end of the duet. "I want nothing to do with him at all," he said of the puppet. "He's just here and I can't get rid of him. He's just hanging out like that roommate that just won't grow up and move out of the house."