Freddy Rodriguez joins CBS' 'Chaos'

David Krumholtz, David Strathairn also land pilot roles

Freddy Rodriguez has been tapped as the lead on CBS' Brett Ratner-directed drama pilot "Chaos," and "Numbers" star David Krumholtz is set as the lead on Ron Howard's untitled IRS comedy pilot for Fox.

Elsewhere, David Strathairn has landed a lead role in ABC's drama pilot "Matadors" and Cole Hauser has been tapped to co-star on NBC's Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama "Chase."

Additionally, Ashley Austin Morris has landed a lead on CBS' comedy pilot "True Love," Keir O'Donnell and Michael Stahl-David have been cast in ABC's hourlong pilot "Generation Y," Natasha Leggero, Cedric Yarbrough and Dave Holmes have joined NBC's comedy pilot "The Strip," Ashley Williams and Shanley Caswell have come aboard NBC's Adam Carolla comedy, and Sean Wing has been added to ABC's Bruckheimer-produced drama pilot "The Whole Truth."

"Chaos," from 20th TV, revolves around rogue CIA operatives who combat bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting.

Rodriguez will play a dedicated and naive agent who believes he can make the world a better place. The "Six Feet Under" alum, who recurred on ABC's "Ugly Betty," is repped by ICM and Kass & Stokes Management.

Fox's Howard show, from 20th/Imagine, is a workplace comedy set at an Internal Revenue Service district office. Krumholtz will play a proud auditor of the IRS who is hounded constantly by his boss. For him, the pilot is in second position to CBS' veteran "Numbers," whose chances of returning are slim.

"Matadors," from Sony TV, revolves around two long-feuding families, one that populates the Chicago district attorney's office and the other that manages the city's most influential private law firm.

Strathairn, who most recently co-starred in the HBO telefilm "Temple Grandin" and the Sundance movie "Howl," will play the patriarch of the family working in the state attorney's office.

"Chase," from WBTV, revolves around a high-priority fugitive-apprehension team in South Texas. Hauser, repped by Paradigm and manager Michael Gruber, will play a seasoned ex-cop who co-heads the unit.

"Love," from Sony TV, is an ensemble comedy about four friends in New York -- Henry, Kate, Larry and Connie -- who are looking for love.

Up-and-comer Morris will play Connie, the cynical, gruff cousin and best friend to Kate (Minka Kelly). She is repped by Bauman Redanty & Shaul and Red Letter Entertainment.

"Generation Y," from ABC Studios, is a documentary-style drama based on a Scandinavian format that follows a group of young adults -- two of them played by O'Donnell ("Paul Bart: Mall Cop") and Stahl-David ("Cloverfield") -- during a 10-year span in Austin.

Stahl-David is repped by ICM and Management 360.

"Strip," from UMS, centers on former child star Randy (Thomas Lennon), who owns a Hooters-type restaurant in a strip mall on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Leggero ("He's Just Not That Into You") will play a party-girl waitress who Randy loves. She is repped by Gersh and Omnipop.

The Carolla single-camera comedy, from UMS, stars Carolla as a contractor who embarks on rebuilding his life after a divorce.

Williams, repped by Gersh and Luber Roklin, will play Adam's divorced landlady and friend. The APA-repped Caswell will play Adam's daughter.

"Truth," from WBTV, chronicles the building of a case from the perspective of the defense and prosecution.

Wing, repped by Innovative and LOE Management, will play a trust-fund baby with powerful family connections who works in the district attorney's office.